Fundación San Joaquín y Santa Ana

El abandono no tiene filtro


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    Fundación San Joaquín y Santa Ana

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    El abandono no tiene filtro

  • Services

    Estrategia, Concepto Creativo, Producción.

  • Awards

    Tatakuá Silver Pro Bono Capaign,, Shortlist for Real Time PR at Ojo de Iberoamérica.


Apps can show us the future, but they don’t guarantee we´ll get there accompanied.

The boom of FaceApp and its filters shows us how we’ll look in the future, but it also makes visible a problem that a significant portion of the population ignores: the abandonment of elderly people.


We used the attention generated by this app to create a campaign that reveals the situation of some elderly people. Its main characters were grandpas and grandmas abandoned in the nursing home Fundación San Joaquín y Santa Ana.

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At the peak of the conversation we launched a campaign to highlight and spread a problem that no one was talking about.

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