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    Streaming Tribe

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    Naming, Branding Strategy, Creative Concept, Content Production.


AMC Networks challenged us to create the first comprehensive gaming and streaming channel in Latin America. A channel on Twitch with an exclusive grid that includes: gamers, streamers and original content for the platform.

The challenge was to create an attractive brand for the target, that had an impact and could coexist in the brand ecosystem that AMC Networks already has.


This is how Strib was born (Streaming Tribe). A brand that lives 100% in a digital world.

To give it a personality we created Stribey, the living flame on the logo that transforms, feeling the emotions felt by the audience and coexists in the world of streaming and gaming. For the project we created dozens of animations and plates that interact with the platform (Twitch).

Strib is a naming and branding project with dozens of animated pieces that was very well received by the audience...

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