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Pacto Campeón


  • Client

    AB InBev

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  • Campaign

    Pacto Campeón

  • Services

    Strategy, Creative Concept, Content Production, Conversations, Influencer Management


To develop new channels for online sales and capitalize conversation during the Copa América.


This communication territory had been controlled by the competition for many years.


If Chile was the champion of the Copa América, all the Beckers bought through PedidosYa during the month of the championship, would be returned for free. An unprecedented action in the local beer market, complemented by contests made for every match to amplify the campaign.

All this thanks to the huge effort suggested by the brand, of returning the total value of their products to make Chile happy; to be the tree-time continental champions!

The Numbers


Ad Impressions


Online Sales Increase


Sentiment Increase


The brand’s greatest sales record in the history of Pedidos Ya. Sales increased 51.3% compared to the best historical month and 98.6% compared to the previous month.

Certified B corporationGoogle Partner - Premier 2022
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