Municipalidad de Asunción

Ajedrez de la ciudad


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    Municipalidad de Asunción

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    Ajedrez de la ciudad

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    Strategy, Creative Concept, Production.

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    Tatakuá Bronze Pro Bono Campaign,, D&AD Shortlist for Future Impact Product Design.


Paraguay’s Senate passed a law that establishes chess as a support activity in public schools.

However, said law hasn’t been implemented due to lack of resources. Asunción is home to hundreds of different tree species that produce tons of wood as a result of fallen trees and pruning. This resource is wasted because of the great different between the types of wood and seasonality.


We solved this problem with another problem. We transformed the city’s wood waste into chess pieces for schools, for students to learn concentration and mathematical reasoning through this game.


We collected, transformed, developed and produced, so that schools could benefit from this law and for children to develop skills with this discipline.

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