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    Mueca Films

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    De Cerca

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    De Cerca

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    Business Intelligence, Strategy, Production, Paid Media, Conversation, Social Listening.


To join Uruguay’s presidential campaign in a non-partisan way.

Together with El Observador and TV Ciudad we joined the production conducted by Mueca Films which sought to show the human side of the candidates for the Uruguayan presidential election.


This series of interviews to all 11 candidates, hosted by philosopher and communicator, Facundo Ponce de León, had an exclusive section that discussed the presence of each candidate on social media.

Interviewed candidates: Gonzalo Abella, Rafael Fernández, Daniel Goldman, Guido Manini Ríos, Daniel Martínez, Pablo Mieres, Edgardo Novick, Luis Lacalle Pou, Ernesto Talvi and Gustavo Salle.


We were able to boost the program’s reach in the digital world and turned on the dual screen during its broadcast, making it a trending program.

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